It’s a mystery more than 100 years in the making. If anyone solves it I’ll be surprised.

In South Jersey, someone stole a thing so odd you have to wonder if it had been an item on a scavenger hunt list.

At the Pleasantville Fire Department in Atlantic County, there was a 114-year-old firehouse bell stored outside behind the building. It was used back in the day long before there were sirens. It was made by the Buckeye Bell Foundation in the year 1909.

Now this bell wasn’t just sitting around forgotten. The department had already built a mount for it and plans were in the works for a memorial to be created for this piece of history. Now it’s gone.

The thing is, this bell is 3 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. This was no easy feat. Someone really wanted this thing.

Pleasantville Fire Department via Facebook
Pleasantville Fire Department via Facebook

Motive for the theft

But why?

Was it for melting down the metal for money? Doubt it. Catalytic converters are made of more precious, valuable metals and are much easier to steal.

Kids? Bored teenagers just because? More likely.

How you can help

The Pleasantville Fire Department is appealing to the public through their Facebook page for the no-questions-asked quiet return of the missing historic bell.

So if you have any tea you’d like to spill on this crazy bell caper you can contact the fire department via social media, or by phone at 609-484-3667 or by email at

So if you’re the dope who stole this, seriously, what are you and your friends going to do with it? Are you trying to figure out how to drink beer out of it? Turn it into a hookah?

Trust me, this means more to the guys who risk their lives at the fire station than it means to you giggling like dumb girls when you rode off with it in the back of your daddy’s F-150.

Give it back.

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