You simply should pay higher taxes.

After all, let's face it, there's a lotta spending that needs to be done! Elite insiders, special interests and of course the lawyers all need their cut from your bank account. The budget 'compromise' being worked out between the governor and the Legislature after their "pretend fight" is a disaster for every middle- and working-class taxpayer and the small and medium sized companies that employ them. Higher taxes at every level. More spending, more borrowing and a worsening affordability crisis driving more and more of our friends and neighbors out.

Can anything be done to course correct our state?

You know the saying — keep doing the same thing and expect different results defines insane. Every election cycle, the NJ voters (at least the who bother to participate in the legislative elections in years when there's no statewide election) continue to send the Democrats back to Trenton. The current battle over the budget, which I've continued to predict will end in compromise with no government shutdown, demonstrates the need for change. Currently, we've got the Democrats solidly in control of the Governors office and both houses of the legislature. From the speaker of the Assembly to the Senate president to the governor, they all agree on one thing: New Jerseyans do not pay enough to government in taxes.

After Chris Christie, it's no surprise that voters elected Phil Murphy to come in and reverse the perception of disaster that had befallen our state. Although we clearly needed to end the Christie era, seems we went from bad to worse. That said, at least Chris Christie had the guts to veto most of the new taxes pushed by the Speaker and the Senate President. Yup, he compromised and cut a bad deal on pensions and of course gave us the gas tax. Those bad decisions aside, who is in Trenton now to hold the Majority in check? Answer one.

The solution is not a recall as some have proposed. It's not protests and calls to legislative offices. It's about voting. You can't vote Murphy out until 2021. Ye it will get here soon enough for sure, but not soon enough to stop the Governor and the Democratic majority from raising every possible tax they can find. That leaves you and I with two choices. Get the Exit Plan ready or Dig In and vote

In 2019, the entire Assembly is up for re-election. My friend Jon Bramnick is currently the leader of the Republican Minority in the lower House. He joined me Thursday morning to discuss what a change in Majority could mean to your bottom line. Do you trust the GOP in the legislature? You know I've been skeptical for years. I know you have been too. You've heard me blame the GOP for their spineless lack of leadership and non-existent message. You should be skeptical. Actually, given the fact that it was the GOP who apologized for all of Christie's failings and gave us taxes and spending, I'm still skeptical as well. But I do know that if we don't do something different, and fast, things will continue to get worse and reach a financial point of no return.

Here's what we know beyond any doubt. If we return the Democratic Majority to power in November 2019, your taxes will continue to rise. If, however, you vote in a new Majority, there's a chance that some of them will actually muster enough courage to push back on Murphy and his mad tax plan. There are some sensible leaders in the wings and some great potential candidates who would represent us and tackle the affordability crisis. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the coming months about throwing out the current majority and changing it up a bit. Hit me up on Twitter @BillSpadea and on Facebook Bill Spadea - NJ 101.5. The question we all have to be asking is "Who Speaks for New Jersey?"

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