More and more companies are dropping 'college degree required' for new hires and that's a good thing. It's one thing if you need one for the position, it's another if you need one because they just want you to have one. Then again isn't that why many people go to college in the first place, just to have one?

It's looking like we're moving towards best person for the job instead of most educated. While companies aren't saying you shouldn't seek higher education, top 15 companies like Google, Nordstrom, Bank Of America, IBM, and Apple aren't requiring a bachelors degree. So if you're considering an expensive student loan just to to get your foot in the door, save your money.

The only thing you're showing with the unrelated degree is that you've got the discipline to get one. If you do get hired based on your skills or personality for the position, you're going to learn how to do it their way anyway and your expensive degree won't come into play at all.

College degrees do come into play maybe not in that job but in an overall assessment of candidates as a whole.

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