The Yankees announced yesterday that they are going to extend the protective netting in Yankee Stadium in the aftermath of a toddler getting injured by a foul ball that was estimated to be traveling 105 MPH.

I think that’s a good idea. I used to be more of a purist who felt the netting would detract from the sight lines of a ballpark, but I no longer think that is true. In my life, I have owned various season ticket packages for MLB teams, and, for several years, my seats were right behind home plate, where there is always protective netting. I can’t think of a single time I felt my enjoyment of the game was diminished by the net. Your eyes do a wonderful job of filtering the netting out of your consciousness. Plus, hockey fans have been looking through protective netting for years, and a puck is at least as hard to follow as a baseball.

The Yankees were short on details of exactly how far the netting would extend, but they did say it would exceed the guidelines established by the Commissioner's Office.

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