The WWE will bring it's "WWE Live! Supershow" to the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton on Saturday July 13th. We caught up with one of the WWE's biggest names to talk about the upcoming show, among other things.

Courtesy of YouTube

The WWE's Dean Ambrose, the current United States Champion and a member of "The Shield," called in today.  'The Shield' are a group of 3 wrestlers, including Ambrose, that fight for what they perceive to be "injustice" within the WWE.

Much like his in-ring persona, Ambrose is open and tells it like it is in this exclusive interview. Ambrose discusses a multitude of topics including what difference is in the energy of a live WWE event, visiting New Jersey, what it takes to become a wrestler and what wrestler he'd love to face in a dream match.

You can listen to the interview, broken up into segments, in the audio players below.

Segment 1

The interview opens up with the United States Champion discussing what the energy is like at a WWE event and what to expect when you see the WWE Live.

 Segment 2

Dean Ambrose discusses his trips through NJ

Segment 3

Ambrose talks about what it's like to come through the crowd at a WWE event

 Segment 4

In this segment, we learn the journey Dean Ambrose took to the WWE and what advice he'd give anyone looking to break into the business.

 Segment 5

In the final segment,Dean Ambrose talks reveals which wrestler he'd pick for his dream match.