He was "The Rocker Guy" on MTV's "Real World" and now he's got a EP coming out called “Wrong Within." In between, Andre Comeau spent time writing and playing folk music with a band called "Reigndance." He has lived in both Edison and New Brunswick in fact, he was living here when he got the call to "Real World."

"That was great," Comeau said when he called into my show on August 25. "We [his friends he lived with] had a great time in New Jersey. I miss my friends that are still there. We lived in Edison next to a great band from New Jersey called 'Buzzkill'...we had a great time when we were living there."

What was it like being on "Real World?"

"You know it was great. It was all new ground, in a beautiful loft in SoHo...they had never done anything like that before. So we had no idea what to expect. It was literally the very beginning of reality, modern day reality television."

Comeau's new EP "Wrong Within" has been described as "5 songs of straight forward Southern-tinged Hard Rock" (released via the EMP label group founded by Megadeth co-founder and bassist David Ellefson).

Is it hard to go from writing and singing folk music to writing and playing rock?

"The song is just what it is to me and I don't really write in any particular character or voice. It really, it all depends on the song and whatever that song is calling for. Lately the hard rock has been my direction, so I'm thrilled to be back in that genre."

Andre will also have a streaming concert event that will be available online the first week of September.

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