Good news for New Jersey wrestling fans.

Governor Christie - during a news conference at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands, said "the state of New Jersey is going to host WWE's premier event Wrestlemania XXIX here at Met Life Stadium Sunday, April 7th, 2013, and we're thrilled to be the host of this great event… and this is not just a one day thing - this is a week-long celebration - that is going to be brought here to New Jersey and the surrounding area."

WWE Wrestlers

The Governor pointed out "you are going to have fans from all across from across the country and around the world - they're going to come, generating tens of millions of dollars in all type of economic activity for this area…this is a world class venue that is going to bring tens of thousands of fans here - cheering in this stadium for the great folks that are going to be here for Wrestlemania."

John Sabbor, the WWE Senior Vice President of Special Events, says "having Wrestlemania in Jersey is expected to generate at least 62 million dollars in direct spending - from out-of-market visitors who travel here - for several days - a majority of fans will travel at least 150 miles…Wrestlemania has very quickly grown in to a week-long celebration that generates in excess of 60 million dollars of new, direct spending for the host community…we expect by virtue of the enormity of this market, the popularity of this market , that we could see an even greater result tied to Wrestlemania week."

Wrestlemania coming to MetLife Stadium

Governor Christie adds this is just the latest example "of what this administration is trying to do in terms of bringing top flight sporting events along with our partners in the private sector -you've heard us already talk about the Ironman Triathlon that will be here this year, formula One Grand Prix racing will take place in 2013, Wrestlemania will be here in 2013 -and of course in February of 2014 Super Bowl 48 will be right here as well- so New Jersey is doing great."

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