🔴 The world's tallest moving statue is coming to a North Jersey mall next year

🔴 The Giant stands 54 feet tall

🔴 It has the ability to scan visitors in a state-of-the-art scanning theater

EAST RUTHERFORD — Something unique and great is coming to a New Jersey mall next year.

The world’s tallest moving statue is set to be created at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford.

The Giant Company Attractions Limited (Dublin, Ireland) and American Dream are teaming up to develop the world’s first giant visitor attraction called “The Giant.”

The Giant will feature the world’s tallest moving statue standing 16.5 meters high. That’s 54 feet and 5 stories. The Giant is an androgynous anthropomorphic shaped statue, with a skin of custom-created video LEDs. The arms and head move to a diversity of positions.

American Dream mall and entertainment complex
American Dream mall and entertainment complex (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

The Giant instantly transforms into an array of spectacular images. How? Using patented LED, artificial intelligence (AI), and scanning technologies, this statue comes to life displaying any person---from celebrities and historical figures to visitors to the attraction.

In addition to the statue, the attraction also features The Giant Exhibition, a futuristic environment with a themed immersive visitor experience, volumetric scanning pods, and other engaging elements.

The Giant (American Dream)
The Giant (American Dream)

This part is even cooler. Visitors to The Giant attraction are scanned in a state-of-the-art volumetric scanning theater that is displayed on the Giant statue resulting in what is being called “the portrait of a lifetime and the most amazing selfie on earth.”

The three-dimensional hologram of the visitor is displayed and manipulated through the subject’s smartphone and can transport the visitor through his or her avatar to a variety of virtual reality environments and experiences.

Every hour The Giant puts on a show and performs for visitors. It will speak, sing, and even recite lines of verse and prose.

The anticipated opening is scheduled for January 2025.

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