If you live in "Central Jersey" (I say that it exists), you have probably passed this historic site countless times, and never noticed.

The history books tell us that World War I ended on November 11, 1918.

Grandpa Paul, aboard the U.S.S. Harrisburg, 1918. (Craig Allen photo archives).

My late grandfather was there...he was serving on a troop transport ship somewhere in the Atlantic, his home port in Hoboken, when word came down that the war was over (get my grandfather's story, marking the 100th anniversary of  the end of the "War To End All Wars," by clicking here).

Some would say that the war ended with signing of the treaty at the Palace of Versailles in France in June of 1919.

In fact, it ended here in New Jersey.

In 1921.

(Craig Allen photo).

Reportedly, President Warren G. Harding interrupted his golf game, to sign the final papers ending hostilities with Germany.

This small marker "marks" the spot, the estate of New Jersey U.S. Senator Joseph Freylinghuysen, where Harding put pen to paper.

Do you recognize the place, now? (Craig Allen photo).

You know this spot...where history comes alive...as the parking lot of P.C. Richard, on the Somerville Circle (in Bridgewater Township, Somerset County).