Well according to a recently published list, seven New Jersey companies ranked in the top 100 in the country for working moms, and four of them are in the top 10!

That's awesome....if you're a "working mom", but what if you're single or a dad or part of a childless couple? Would you have to pick up the slack or fill in any gaps for whatever benefits working moms would get.

Don't get me wrong, I admire the crap out of any woman who is raising children and goes back to work full-time. It's got to be a herculean task to get through every work day. While I understand the desire of companies to make their workforce happy and attract the best talent, is it fair to the others on the job?

It IS a job, not a family business or community resource center. When I was married and raising kid, I would want my wife to work there, but would I want to work there is I weren't in that position? Trust me, nobody wants to talk about it, but there is plenty of resentment in the workplace among people who have to pick up the slack or fill in the gaps.

This is to take NOTHING away from working moms and the incredible responsibilities they have at home and at work, but are these policies and companies the best working environment for EVERYBODY? I'd love to get you thoughts on either side.

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