A woman was outraged when her husband bought an expensive new game console, despite her not even having enough money for gas for her car.

The woman, who works full-time and attends school, shared on Reddit that despite "drowning in debt," her husband spent hundreds of dollars on a brand new PS5 console and game, without consulting her first.

Before the pandemic, the couple were able to live off one full-time and one part-time salary, but these days they can't even afford to pay "half" their rent. Living off of credit cards, the woman was shocked when he gave her the expensive gift.

"I came home and saw a brand new game on the kitchen table. The funny thing is I always comment 'I can’t wait to be able to afford a new gaming system, I would love to play that game,' but I know that in the future I hope we can buy it. So my priorities are focused on making sure the house is good," she wrote via Reddit.

"I was so upset about a $60 game and I told my husband 'WHY WOULD YOU THROW $60 ON A GAME I CANT EVEN PLAY RIGHT NOW?' I’m literally driving off the gas light and you bought a video game?!" she continued.

Her husband got upset, and after she walked into her bedroom, she was met with an even bigger, more frustrating surprise.

"I just started crying. Fully crying. Like eyes are red, and I’m about to pass out, I saw a brand new boxed PS5 system on our bed. I ran back to the kitchen and said 'NOT JUST $60 BUT $600 WHEN YOU'RE OBLIVIOUS TO THE FINANCES IN THE HOUSE?! WE ARE IN SO MUCH DEBT. WHY?!' And again, my husband was just silent and upset with me," she shared.

The woman told her husband that she was "heartbroken" he would buy a gaming system rather "than put gas" in her car that transports their child, so he agreed to return it.

"What upsets me is I'm the person who does the budgeting in the house. The doctors' appointments. Making sure things are straight. So I'm REALLY stressed almost all the time," she concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit users urged the woman to explain their financial situation to her husband in detail to be sure that he fully understands how bad it is.

"Your husband probably shouldn’t have spent the money and pushed you further in debt, but it sounds like he was trying to make you happy with a sweet gesture that unfortunately just wasn’t appropriate with your circumstances," one person wrote.

"He should have communicated before blowing $600+!! Unless you know you regularly have plenty of disposable income each month, who decides to spend $600 w/out running it by their spouse?!?" another commented.

"Spending $660 on luxury items without consulting your partner when your credit cards are maxed out and your cars are running of fumes is irresponsible. Everyone deserves a treat every now and then, regardless of their circumstances, we're all human, but a new gaming system and games, yeah, no. I was thinking more like going out to dinner or splurging for your favorite dessert but a gaming system isn't a treat, it's frivolous," someone else weighed in.

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