FANWOOD — An vile act of rudeness turned into a lesson about community kindness for two sisters selling Girl Scout cookies in their neighborhood.

Their mother, Sandy Crespo, said that as she accompanied her daughters Angelina, 9, and Natalie, 12,  door-to-door in their neighborhood off Route 22 on Sunday, a woman screamed at them "no one wants your (expletive) cookies! Get out of here!"

The girls were taken aback by the reaction. Crespo said Angelina "had a hard time" understanding while Natalie didn't know what to do.

"She looked around and didn't know if she should try to run home" as the woman continued to scream, Crespo said.

"It was a very sad experience," said Crespo, who wrote about it on her Facebook page.

Their moods were lifted after Crespo's Facebook post was spotted by Dianne Howarth, administrative assistant to Fanwood Police Chief Richard Trigo. Howarth passed a cookie order form around the department and collected orders for 250 boxes of cookies.

"It's not just the police, either. It's the town," said Crespo.

Community Facebook groups posted about the girls on their respective pages and the orders began to flood in. Orders have also come in from around the region with the media attention their story has received.

"I have paper orders, I have email orders. I have Facebook messages. I honestly stopped counting" the number of cookie orders.

The biggest challenge will be delivering the cookies but the two biggest orders have already been picked up.

"One friend who works for the fire department wound up picking up three cases. He's a great guy."

Fanwood police have designated the sisters as their official Girl Scout cookie representatives.

"They told us we have to come to them every year," said Crepso.

The lesson for the girls?

"There's way more nice people in this world then there are mean ones. That's what I am trying to explain to them," Crespo said. "There are some people out there with a chip on their shoulder, but that is not everybody. That is not how the world is."

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