This is the time of year during which the worst parking offenses are committed. Morons are out in and about doing their best to ruin your day, either by stealing spots, taking up two spots, parking diagonally and just generally wreaking havoc in the parking lot. It’s one of the first things you learn in driving school so why is it that during the holiday season people forget their parking skills? And I’m not talking about parallel parking, either. I’m talking about your easy-peasy, my 6th grader can do it, garden-variety, pull into a spot between two white lines park.

The other day I saw a zillion cars trying to get around a car that had its butt sticking out way too far. It blew my mind that someone actually thought that this was an OK way to leave a car and walk away after parking. I came out after shopping and the car was still there, proudly preventing two cars going in different directions from being able to pass. Shouldn’t this guy have his license revoked? Or at least his parking privileges?

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