If you’ve ever been to a Springsteen concert, you know what kind of a storyteller Bruce Springsteen is. And I would imagine hearing those stories up close and personal would be a dream come true for any Springsteen fan. (I know it would be for me.)

In the ultimate Springsteen fan contest, you can get a chance to spend some time with Bruce, one on one, while giving to a worthy cause. If you’re a Springsteen fan, you’d probably love some time to just hang out with the Boss, walking the boards and hearing some new stories (or even some that he’s told 1 million times in concert!)

If you win, you’ll get a walk and talk with Springsteen on the Asbury Park Boardwalk plus a photo op in front of the Stone Pony. Not to mention being flown in and being put up in a four-star hotel if you’re from out of Jersey. This is a really great contest and a nice way to support the Geffen Playhouse in LA, a historic building and not for profit theatre that serves teens, seniors, veterans and lower income people and the general community with live arts programs and theater.

Here’s a link to donate.

If you want multiple entries, you can donate... but you don’t need to purchase anything to enter. It’s a cool concept. Good luck and send us those pictures if you win!

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