Now that the governor has decided that he has unlimited power to dictate how you live, work and interact with your fellow citizens, all NJ workers are now required by executive order to fill out a health screening form, wear a mask at work, submit to a temperature check and keep ya distance from other humans! We are in DAY 235 of 15 days to stop the spread.

Despite the fact that there is almost ZERO evidence that the mask helps keep anyone safe outside of a medical facility combined with other PPE equipment and there's a growing number of docs saying universal masking may in fact be "dangerous."

Despite the fact that our economy and socialization are being crushed by arbitrary rules and regulations.

Despite the fact that we never saw anything close to what was predicted with the virus, yes, before mask mandates and lockdowns, in fact the virus mutated and flattened out.

Despite the fact that "excess deaths" are way up among young people in the US yet, COVID has almost no chance of making someone under the age of 45 sick let alone kill them.

Despite the fact that more than 45,000 doctors, medical practitioners, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists have all signed a declaration calling for an end to COVID restrictions.

YOU remain locked down and subject to health decisions made by bureaucrats and politicians.

Question is ... are you complying? Will you answer the screening questions honestly? If you register a fever let's say 99 degrees ... will you ice up and take it again? Just not tell anyone?

We already know how bogus it is to judge health based on a temperature check. And most thinking people know that it has no bearing on public health so much so that we've learned from gamblers that casinos have "cool down" rooms to make sure that you "pass" the check so you can go spend money. So how are you getting along with the new rules?

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