I am over cash, I really am, and I’m thrilled at the idea that some restaurants are now experimenting with the idea of going completely cashless. Salad chain “Sweet Green,” as well as the salad chain “Tender Greens” are two eateries that are experimenting with the idea. I think it’s an idea whose time has come, and I hope the idea comes to NJ soon!

Cash is dirty and annoying. If you lose it, you’re screwed. If someone steals it, you’re SOL. None of these things are true with a credit card where a bank will usually take care of you if any of the aforementioned happens. Plus, if you use a card you can get other bonuses like points, insurances, and protections that cash simply cannot provide you. And there’s the obvious ease with which a plastic transaction is made as compared to a cash transaction. Anytime I am forced to use cash, I always say “what am I doing? This would be so much easier with my debit card.”

I would say now 90 to 95% of all of my purchases are made with plastic and life is so much simpler. It’s not that I begrudge an old person for using cash, because they simply find it hard to change old habits. But as for me? I haven’t carried cash in 20 years, so let’s face it: it’s time to say “goodbye, cash. It’s not you, it’s me. It was fun along time ago. Let my parents and grandparents continue to enjoy you but I have moved on.”

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