Bruce Springsteen may be the greatest American songwriter ever, if not he’s definitely in the top 5. Based on that statement, who better to write an album inspired by Superstorm Sandy?

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

This is the man who’s “Rising” album was in inspiration in the wake of 911. This is the man whose native Jersey shore has been ravaged by the arguably the biggest natural disaster ever to hit it. Who better to record it for posterity?

Shore residents trying to put their lives and businesses back together are using Springsteen’s lyrics for inspiration.

Don’t be surprised if they one day have an album full of brand new songs specifically singing about the “Land of Hope and Dreams” (Which a video for is above) which we know as the Jersey shore. If you were going to draw inspiration from Bruce Springsteen lyrics, which song would you use?   Leave your choices in the comment section below.