Looking to ensure an accountable, transparent process that maintains the integrity of the use of federal Sandy reconstruction resources for the Garden state, Governor Christie has signed an Executive Order that calls for State Comptroller Matt Boxer to keep an eye on all the money heading to Jersey.

Governor Christie announces State Comtroller Matt Boxer Boxer to track all the federal relief money heading to New Jersey. (David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ)

"I'’m authorizing Boxer to conduct an independent review of the contract procurement process for Sandy related federal reconstruction funding administered by the state," ” says Christie, "“as state Comptroller Matt has established a record of independence and objectivity that was exactly what was envisioned when this position was created. He'’s been aggressive in his investigations and inquires with a simple but important goal of ensuring that the government at all levels are adhering to a high standard of accountability and the proper use of taxpayer funds."

Christie says the Executive Order “also establishes accountability officers in each department of State government that touches on reconstruction and Sandy related spending, and it orders the creation of a state website for the public display of Sandy contracting information and the expenditure of these federal recovery funds.”

New Jersey is slated to receive several billion dollars in federal funding, for Community Development Block Grants, infrastructure repairs and a massive beach and dune replenishment project to be overseen by the Army Corp of Engineers.