With the passing of 2012 it seems to me that the general public has moved on from Hurricane Sandy Relief and put the entire disaster on the back-burner.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Here at New Jersey 101.5 we are dedicated to bringing the public up to date information about relief efforts for all areas of the state effected by Hurricane Sandy. With that being said I have personally noticed a large decline in the amount of people that still seem to care.

Now I am fully aware that there are tons of people out there on the front lines and people throughout the state organizing events and collections or distributions points. All in all though I just feel that everyone's attention seems to be focused on other things.

There really isn't anyone or anything to blame for this, but I personally think that with the way we live through social media with new things constantly being thrown at us, we just focus on new things. Whether it be the tragedy in Newtown or the recent events in Budd Lake, it is just the way the world is nowadays.

What do you think? Has the general public moved on with their lives and do you think that social media plays a part in this? Comment below with your opinion.