My friend Tony is always inviting me to go out tuna fishing off the Jersey coast. He says the water is amazing 60 miles out there and the fishing is great. My response is always, "too far, too long and too much work, but it looks like fun"! I don't have the patience or stomach to go out that far and for that long to pull a few muscles over a big fish like the one he caught the other day. But I'm happy for him and his cousins, John and John Jr. up from North Carolina.

They're natives of New Jersey, but had never gone tuna fishing. Well Thursday was the perfect day! They caught a nearly 200 pound 70 inch bluefin tuna somewhere way out there off the coast of New Jersey. Of course I can't tell you where exactly, but just head east about 60 miles. Fishermen around here wait all year for this and the good ones are taking advantage of it!

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