With Springsteen on Broadway’s average paid admission price running about a cool $500 (beating Hamilton’s which is about $310), it’s hard to imagine ever being able to see this show. And you can definitely forget about ever trying to see a concert at face value ticket price.

The new secondary market for event tickets is ruining it for everyone. Used to be, you could buy a ticket from a scalper standing outside an event and get gouged for 50 or 100%. But those tickets were limited, and it wasn’t that easy for those guys to get their hands on them.

With the secondary market sites on the internet, it doesn’t behoove anyone—not the performers, promoters nor the venues-to get measly face value for tickets when they could easily get up to ten times the amount or more from any sucker who logs on to these sites.
Don’t forget the unscrupulous brokers who use sophisticated bots and other systems to scoop up tickets by the thousands.

And no matter what measures caring performers like Bruce or Taylor Swift try to take to make their tickets more accessible to true fans, it’s always gonna be a struggle between the fans and the huge secondary ticket market. That makes the cost of in-demand shows like Springsteen on broadway or Hamilton prohibitive for most of us.

In the old days, good old effort (sleeping out all night) and determination (spending a little more than you could afford) could get you to see the concert of your dreams, but today, you’d pretty much have to rob a bank.

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