Kudos to the Port Authority cops who acted fast at the Journal Square PATH stop.

Someone had their Pomeranian with them when it got its back left paw stuck in the escalator. Yikes! I’m surprised this didn’t rip the poor thing’s leg clean off. The officers quickly stopped the escalator and pried open the floor grate to free the dog.

The animal had multiple wounds on its leg and needed immediate medical attention. The problem was its owner had no way to get him to a vet. So going above and beyond the call of duty these Port Authority cops then went and flagged down a cab and paid the fare for the dog to be brought to a veterinarian.

Officer Andrew Vignapiano told the New York Post, “Many of us are dog owners ourselves and know that your pets are like family to you and therefore members of our community too.”

OK, but they’re still dogs. Which brings me to my question, which I’m certain will be met with calls for my swift execution.

Why was this dog standing on an escalator and not in a dog carrier? Was this dog going onto or off from a PATH train without being in a carrier? A Pomeranian doesn’t seem to be a breed you’d use as a seeing eye dog or other type of bona fide service animal. So was this yet another case of someone deciding they had to have their pooch with them at all times? Were they passing it off as an emotional support animal?

It’s likely and, if so, it’s sad. This little dog didn’t have to suffer an injury. We’re seeing more and more people trying to bring ordinary pets onto public transportation and playing the “no, really, it’s a support animal” game. I don’t know what the situation was here but the PATH policy is that service dogs are allowed but small dogs that are not service animals need to be in a carrier.

Your dog isn’t a child folks. Leave it home.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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