If you sit down and take any time to think about the possibilities of New Jersey political corruption and over-taxation ever being reversed, you know it’s kind of a lost cause. The only way you’ll see the corruption go away and your taxes go down is in the view in your rearview mirror of a U-Haul truck headed south.

The legislature has been in Democrat control for decades. Unless people wake up-and I don’t mean “become woke"-it will probably remain that way for decades to come.

The problem is that too many people are in the “system" and don’t want to give up the lavish benefits that come with that. Whether they’re living off the taxpayer in a job or in benefits and entitlements, the gravy train is too pleasurable a ride to jump off.

So, with that situation in place the only chance we have to make the state somewhat palatable for hard-working, taxpaying, private sector citizens is to have some sort of checks and balance in the governor's seat. We had that for half the time Christie was in office, but then he turned his back on the citizens and put his energy and attention into his own political aspirations.

In this particular case with Murphy, even the Democrats don’t have the representation they voted for in the assembly and Senate. He has taken all of the power and control of the lives and livelihood of just about everyone in the state. That is absolutely 100% wrong and un-American.

So, this Tuesday is the Republican primary where you have your choice of a few people to nominate as Murphy’s Republican opponent. The only one that makes sense to me is Jack Ciattarelli. Jack has spent time in government on the municipal, county and the state level. Each time giving up his seat after one or two terms. He is also a very successful businessman who started and sold two businesses here in New Jersey.

The other guys may talk a good game and make you feel like you’re doing something to push hard against the other side, but realistically they don’t have a chance to win in November. Sure, they’ll appease the base, but the base will go with any Republican candidate. You have to convince the Independents in the middle and the disillusioned Democrats who realize something in the state is horribly wrong. Ciattarelli is the only one that has the ability to do that.

Whether you are sitting out the primary this Tuesday as a Republican voter or reluctantly casting your vote feeling that it’s futile, there is some hope. The other folks on the ballot may be fine people and have strong conservative views, but this is a blue state that occasionally will turn purple during a governor's race.

Jack is our only chance if you want to get the tyrant Murphy out of office this November. He is not a "RINO" as he is being portrayed. He's just not going to come off sounding too scary to the undecided or "the other side." It's smart and if you put your emotions aside, you'll see it makes sense.

It's pretty certain that Jack Ciattarelli will win the Republican primary race this Tuesday. What's not so certain is New Jersey's future for hardworking NJ taxpayers if Murphy remains in office come this November.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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