It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again, but this is the weekend, kids. Sunday, March 10 comes the spring forward day on our clocks.

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It’s daylight savings time and I can already hear people talking about what a pain it is. You probably know that during World War I, World War II, and the energy crisis in the 70s, Congress made the decision to keep daylight savings time all year long.

That wasn’t a popular idea, especially according to parents, who didn’t like the idea that their kids were getting dressed, and going to school in the dark. The government figured it was a good idea to save energy.

After all, more daylight in the evenings means less switching on light fixtures at home, right?


Unfortunately, the idea didn’t work as well as expected. Especially because come winter time, we will always still need extra heat in the mornings and extra AC in the afternoons.

Then more chaos ensued after the war. Then, each state got to choose when to start and when to end daylight savings time. What a mess.

Not only was it chaos for households, but that caused chaos for trains. So Congress stepped in and made it nationwide.

NJ Transit train in Hamilton Station
Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media NJ

Fast-forward to the present, and as you know, it’s the second Sunday in March when we “spring” forward and the first Sunday in November when we “fall” back.

But so many people think it’s just downright silly to do all this clock changing. And I am one of those people.

After having spoken about this exact subject over the years, it’s clear: Most would prefer sticking to one time all year round. Plus, the switch in March can mess with our health, leading to more heart attacks and teens missing out on sleep.


Some states are pushing for permanent standard time. But regardless, the clock change messes with our bodies and our sleep. Maybe it's time we rethink daylight saving time altogether.

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