With New Jersey mulling the idea of banning plastic bags entirely, and one NJ county park already banning them, I got to thinking about how ludicrous this ban actually will be. There are so many things wrong with the idea of banning plastic bags that it would be hard to enumerate them here. Just off the top of my head I can think of things that even the brilliant lawmakers coming up with this junk legislation have not thought of.

First of all, what if I decide to carry a little snack for my baby in my bag. Wouldn’t it need to be secured in a Ziploc or some other type of single use plastic bag? Or did they just want me to throw a bunch of carrots into the bottom of my purse?

Or what about picking up after my dog? We’ve come a long way when it comes to scooping poop. No one ever leaves dog poop around anymore and that’s good for people. We carry handy-dandy plastic bags to do the dirty work.

What’s more important to envirowackos than people? Fish. Yes, this is all about saving fish apparently. So from now on, leave the dog poop where it is for some unsuspecting human being to step in or get sick from. After all, he’s only human. Who cares about the humans? Caring about humans is so 1970.

What if I save all of those single use grocery bags expressly for the purpose of reusing them at a later time? Suppose I want to bring lunch to the park for my children in one of those bags? Will I be arrested? Or only summonsed?

Oh and how about this? Lots of New Jersey parks have beautiful picnic and barbecue areas for citizens to enjoy. I guarantee you that cleaning up after those messy, wet, greasy, dirty events is not going to be accomplished without the modern convenience known as the plastic garbage bag. Will that be included in the ban?

This is just another poorly thought out prohibition by another New Jersey lawmaker looking to score a few points. After all, that has now become the hallmark of New Jersey politics.

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