The New York Giants need receivers and they need them badly.

What started as a strength this year has now turned into a liability with Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepherd leaving the Chargers loss with ankle injuries, followed by Dwayne Harris fracturing his foot. The worst was yet to come when Odell Beckham Jr. suffered a fractured ankle. They're probably going to be bringing some people in and I think they should start with Victor Cruz.

Personally, I would rather have kept Cruz than signed Brandon Marshall who has replaced him in the starting lineup and hasn't done much of anything, except for that dropped pass on Monday night against Detroit that's burned in my brain. So far this year Marshall has 16 receptions for 139 yards and zero touchdowns.

Last year Cruz, coming off missing a year and a half with torn patella and then a calf injury, had 39 receptions for 586 yards, one touchdown scored on opening day to beat Dallas, a 15-yard average and a 48-yard reception. There was also the play against the Saints where Cruz wrestled a 34-yard pass away from Ken Crawley to set the giants up for the winning field goal. You can make the argument that he was not the same, but I counter that with he was healing and would be better this year.

Signing Cruz would provide veteran leadership and maybe a even a spark. I know he was on the boat last year with Shepherd and Beckham but that doesn't matter to me. Players can do what they want on their day off. I'm sure as the ball was coming to Beckham in that Green Bay playoff game he wasn't thinking about the great time he had in Miami. Also Victor is not his brother's keeper. They are grown men.

Cruz did try out this summer for the Bears and was cut. It's hard for a 30-year-old receiver who doesn't play special teams to stick with a new team unless he's starting. Cruz knows the Giants offense, he has chemistry with Eli Manning. He's beloved by fans and management. He also does a great salsa in the end zone.

He will probably one day have a day in his honor The Giants should add to that legacy by bringing him in for one more try. With the way things are going now, it couldn't hurt!

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