Gov. Phil Murphy, while the death count from his disastrous policy of re-integrating COVID-19 patients INTO nursing homes with the most vulnerable citizens has topped 6,800, continues to play "crisis actor" in New Jersey. He continues to push mask mandates and limit the reopening of small business. All to "stop the spread" of coronavirus.

Interesting that if you look back just a few months, we had a laudable goal in New Jersey — slow down the spread as best we can in order to make sure we could treat the sick. No one, including the top medical official Judy Persichilli, actually believed that the virus could be stopped. She went so far as to admit that everyone would actually get it. Looking back, there was actually no reason for a shutdown. People on their own stayed indoors, started to telecommute and I can tell you, as one of the last people dining out in mid March, the restaurants were empty.

If the governor had been a leader, instead of a cowering fool in the face of the virus, he could have focused on the reopening after the peak of hospitalizations in April. Big box stores stay open to maximize their profits, but small stores can’t serve their customers? Churches closed, but liquor stores are essential? You have been played. You have been tricked. You have been scared into submission to a new tyranny. This tyranny has decided that the only risk we need to avoid as a society is coronavirus. A virus that is far less deadly than so many viruses and diseases the human family has to fight off. A virus that is unlikely to be deadly for anyone under the age of 44. A virus that has claimed fewer lives among children than the seasonal flu. A virus that will most likely not be deadly for anyone who doesn’t have a "comorbidity."

According to the CDC, only 6% of the tabulated deaths had zero comorbidities. As NJ submits to mask and distance culture, knowing that our normal small business driven economy cannot survive these rules that fly in the face of normal human behavior, what’s next? Vaccines of course. Mandatory vaccines for children for starters, even though kids are simply not in the vulnerable category. Actually children are so strong with regard to coronavirus that only ONE kid died in Sweden while they kept the schools open. In the US, only 34 children under the age of 15 succumbed to the disease.

For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. – CDC Website

Think about that for a minute. How can you trust the official COVID death count? How many people in the counts died with COVID, but not from COVID? We already know that several states, including NJ, padded the death toll when it was convenient for the ask for more money from the feds.

Despite all of the facts and evidence showing that masks are not effective among the general public to stop disease spread, even the mask proponents admit the masks had no medical impact during the 1918 flu pandemic, but believe it’s an important political tool to change behavior. Despite all of the facts and evidence that COVID-19 is way less harmful than you are being told, especially if you have less than two comorbidities or are under the age of 44, we are told by the governor that it’s not "safe" to completely reopen. By contrast, the governor in South Dakota is showing a strong economy, a budget surplus and poised to reopen schools with NO MASK mandate.

She is not afraid to call out the propagandists who are using selective numbers to continue the narrative of submission. She is not afraid to call out the panickers and destroyers of our institutions and economy and culture. Governor Kristi Noem is aggressively inviting people to come to South Dakota, to visit, live and work. What a contrast with our nasty governor who has said on several occasions that if you don’t like the policies, taxes or anything else about his administration policies, you’re not welcome here. Wow. Of course the nearly 7,000 people killed in our nursing in part due to ‘his policies’ no longer have that choice.

The guy is a great example of everything wrong with politics in America and especially in New Jersey.  Will you submit to the new tyranny or will you stand with me and fight back?

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