That didn't take long.

Just hours had gone by after gunfire erupted at a Trenton art show, leaving more than 20 people injured, most of them by the gunfire itself. Little was understood about what had happened — who'd done the shooting, what prompted it, who if anyone was hurt in crossfire with police. Only a little more is known even now.

But Gov. Phil Murphy and others were quick Sunday to sound the call for more gun control — this time, at the federal level, since they'd just passed six laws to tighten up gun regulations in already-strict New Jersey.

In a message posted to his Twitter account, Murphy said "these are not inappropriate times to talk about gun policy. These are the most important times to talk about gun policy."

But Jim Gearhart — himself no strong fan of guns and hunting — asks: What more gun control do you really want? What could possibly make a difference at this point.

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