Tuesday marked the 40th anniversary of the release of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run.” When I heard that, I thought about all the fans who were not even born when that song came out and yet not only love the album, but also love Bruce himself.

dimitris_k, ThinkStock

I then went on air here at New Jersey 101.5 and asked for anyone under 40 to call in to name their favorite classic rocker.  I proceeded to get several calls from millennials that had tastes in classic rock that ranged anywhere from Bruce, to Led Zeppelin, to the Rolling Stones, the Doors, and Jimi Hendrix among others, proving that a great song or band will stand the test of time.

Classic rock, in my opinion, has an advantage over new music for a number of reasons. One reason being that the music has been out for so many years and because of the longevity, has etched itself in popularity.  Older artists also offer several established albums to choose from.

I think the younger generation enjoys classic rock mostly though, because the music speaks to you on an emotional level. The artists come from a place of angst and rebellion. They put into words feelings you’ve been carrying in your heart which gives you a chance to express what’s inside of you. That’s why you see grown men cry at Bruce shows and other concerts, because they express themselves through the music.


Which classic rock songs or artists speak to you most?