Jim Gearhart likes Amazon. He really does. He think the company's earned its market-leader status through innovation and a lot of great customer service.

But not always.

"I'm going to bring Mr. Bezos down to his knees," Jim says in the latest edition of the Jim Gearhart Show Podcast, available every Thursday on iTunes, Google Play and the New Jersey 101.5 app.

Jim's a big fan of a garlic-infused olive oil he orders through Amazon, from a vineyard in California. But when his latest package arrived, it turned out to be "a cardboard box just totally soaked with something."

One of the bottles had smashed against each other, he and his postal carrier found.

"It's just glass shards ... part of the oil was in her delivery truck. Part of it was at the post office. I was told it still smells like garlic at the post office," Jim says.

Ok, that happens. But it was a little silly when the vendor demanded the product be returned before issuing a refund.

"It's times like this you wish you were rich," Jim says. "I'd like to have unlimited resources ... I would buy the mail truck — I would ship it. I would sent out the mail lady, and a couple of shelves form the post office. And say 'Here!'"

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— Townsquare Media staff

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