Like that woman you bought a drink for last week and wouldn't go home with you even though she's not "technically"'s complicated. For the legions of South Jersey Eagles fans, who are wondering if it's ever going to happen, here's the deal. On the one hand you have a group of players and the owner who thinks President Trump is an arrogant, illegitimate president whose racist, misogynist ways are ruining the country (I'll agree with arrogant). On the other hand you have some players that would consider it an honor to go to the White House and all a great part of the package of winning the Super Bowl.

In most years, by now the champions would have made the visit already, in a tradition that started three decades ago during the Reagan Administration. This is not a usual year and this is not a usual President. So should Trump call the whole thing off and send them some presidential cuff links or tie clips? Should he avoid the whole uncomfortable situation between those who would go and those who refuse? Not an easy situation, and any guess as to what he'll do will result in the same embarrassment of the many "experts" who predicted he would never be in this position.

We all have an opinion on what he "should" do, but going over those options is about as useful as going over the many things you'll do with the money you'll win in this week's Powerball drawing. Save your time and energy. All I know is that if the lefty President of France can come and have dinner at The White House and smile through the whole thing while the rest of his elitist European pals mock him for hanging out with such an American pig, then some pampered overpaid athletes who physically brutalize people for a living can show up for a photo op!

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