Sean Hannity is coming under fire for his defense of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore who allegedly pursued teenage girls while in his thirties, so much so that many want him fired by Fox News. Advertisers such as Keurig are pulling out of his show and celebrities like Jersey's own Chelsea Handler are advancing their brand by calling on others to do so. It's not enough that they don't agree, they must make sure that you don't get to see. Welcome to 2017 America, where if we don't like what you say, we're going to shut you up and get our name out there in the process.

How can you fire a man who's paid for his opinion simply because you do not agree with it? Who the hell are you? If you don't like what the host is saying or don't agree with their opinion, why not just turn off the show? That's what should get a host fired.

Every time a talk host goes on the air they run the risk of having an opinion or saying something during the passion of a disagreement that's going to stir those who take to twitter. It's that risk or expression of total honesty that keeps the listeners coming back.

What makes this country great is that we have the freedom to have media outlets where people can be paid for their opinions, no matter what they are. Do advertisers only want people who agree with them to buy their products? Good luck with that.

Those who agree with Hannity are going so far as to smash Keurig coffeemakers. It's gotten so bad that Keurig had to apologize to it's employees for taking sides. The next apology could come to the stock holders for the drop in sales and negative publicity. It would be funny if it weren't so sad. Especially for those Hannity listeners who could use a nice cup of Joe.

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