My wife got called for jury duty in Ocean County, and she doesn’t want to serve! I would love to be on a jury and hold someone’s fate in my hands.

I got a jury summons earlier this year, and I got really excited that I was finally going to part of the judicial system. The only other time I got called (20 years ago), the case was settled before I had to report. Well, the same thing happened to me this year, too.

After checking the website the night before, I found out I wasn’t needed. I was hoping to live vicariously through my wife’s experience, but she wants to try to get out of it. When else in life do you have the opportunity to have be involved in the system and directly influence the fate of someone. I know it doesn’t pay much, but if all the good people get out of jury duty, who is left to decide the cases? People who don’t care, that’s who.

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