According to a CBS report, terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov of Paterson, gloated about his attack and murder while recuperating in a NYC hospital. This is one of the rare circumstances in the spate of recent terror attacks in the US that the suspect is alive and talking. AND he's talking s---!

One has to wonder if released tomorrow, would anyone in today's society have the anger and the nerve to shut this creep up, permanently. There was about a half a day of outrage, and then we were urged not to take vengeance out on the Muslim community.

No one is looking to lash out at the Muslim community, but the response is so eerily muted, it makes me wonder if we're becoming too complacent. We're encouraged to live our lives normally and not to let the terrorists win. The scheduled Halloween parade went on as planned. Not even a cancellation to mourn the victims, one of them from New Jersey, a 33 year-old New Milford man.

I'm glad this piece of s--- is still alive so that maybe we can get some information out of him leading to the apprehension of other deranged, like minded morons he might be associated with. I'm not advocating vigilante justice, but the lack of total outrage at this vile creature bragging from his hospital room does conjure up scenes from The Godfather movie.

Remember when Don Corleone was laying mortally wounded in his hospital bed and his enemies were closing in to finish the job? I'm not suggesting that anyone re-create the scene, but I'm wondering if it even crosses anyone's mind in this era of "let's go on with the parade as planned."

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