You gotta love the p----d off left. They want to pressure you into doing something and won't stop until they get their way.

Such is the case with Burlington Coat Factory, where social media lefties nudniks have once again tried to ruin a business. Because they've heard their friends say Ivanka Trump is a real meany (or something), they want all of her name branded merchandise to go away.

So Burlington is trying to make them happy. But like when you bend over to retrieve your toddlers recently thrown sippy cup off the floor, you give the toddler a message: "Keep doing this. I will continue to give you what you want."

So Burlington tried to pick up their sippy cups. You know, just to get them to stop crying for a minute. An online boycott campaign, #grabyourwallet, says it will continue to target the Burlington Township-based business. So Burlington gave in to these a--clowns and took her stuff off their websites. "Not enough," says the twenty-something morons that do this. "They need to remove everything from every store. We won't stop till they remove the letters T R U M and P from the alphabet!"

"Burlington Coat Factory has removed all Trump brand goods from its site but has made no public statement about brick-and-mortar locations, so it too remains on the (boycott) list," the campaign said in a statement on its website.

Since we've had these online punks do this to us here on the D&J show, I feel their pain. Here's what I've learned from the experience though. They DO give up eventually. And just like internet trolls, the more attention you give them the more power they think they have.

Burlington would be wise to ignore the pressure and though they may see a modest dip in business or stock, it's temporary. The thing is with these crybabies, they move onto the next thing pretty quickly if they don't see their cause gaining traction. Ignore them, and they do eventually go away.

Granted, my writing this does give them attention. But my hope is that someone from the main offices of Burlington will take the advice of someone who's been there: Capitulate to them at your peril. You truly let the terrorists win.

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