That’s what happens this time of year ... it all slips away pretty quickly.

It was the last week of August. My hubby and I were letting the summer slide by without a summer getaway. At the last minute, we decided to take a cruise to Bermuda on a new ship, the NCL Escape.

I thought I stopped cruising after my kids grew up. It used to be the perfect trip for kids because of the many clubs and activities dedicated to them. Plus, a cruise ship is like a huge playpen for kids. They can basically run around and not get into TOO much trouble.

Apparently we are back at it, and I forgot that a cruise is such a prefect vacation. No muss, no fuss, everything is included and there's a lot to do! (Unless you don’t wanna do anything.)

Since we had such a good time, I’m re-living it here.

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