As promised hundreds of students walked out of classes Tuesday morning at Cherry Hill East High School. They basked in the late February sunshine on a mild day and wasted time on the track rather than attend their classes.

I would have loved that as a kid. We would have never gotten away with that at Holy Cross High School, just a few miles away. But that was a different time and it was a Catholic School.

The brats were protesting the suspension of popular, but some say controversial AP history teacher. He apparently told the students they were vulnerable to a similar attack that happened two weeks ago in Parkland, Florida. One student was so upset after his talk, she allegedly had to be escorted, crying, down to the main office.

CULPRIT #1. Some of these kids have to work on their coping skills, obviously. After she met with school administrators they decided to suspend the teacher, one Timothy Locke, after they searched his bag they place him on administrative leave. He was ordered to undergo a physical and psychological evaluation.

CULPRIT #2. These idiot administrators can't have a simple conversation with the guy and figure out what he said to the students that was so horrifying. The guy has a 4.8 score out of 5 on the site "Rate My Teacher", so he has a pretty positive track record with the kids. But maybe knowing some of these snowflakes get horrified and offended watching a fabric softener commercial, he should have save his "we're not safe in here" conversation for the administration or the school board.

CULPRIT #3. Mr. Locke should have tempered his comments and known better. He's probably only a couple of short years away from his NJEA sponsored permanent vacation, just chill bro and teach about the crusades and colonial imperialism. The school has 3 "resource officers", all of which are unarmed. Hmmmm, why have security personnel on the premises if they can't shoot back at a potential mass shooter? Because the "adults" in Cherry Hill can't stomach the thought of "guns" being near their precious children, even in the hands of law enforcement.

CULPRIT #4. So let's see from the overly cautious parents, the overly "educated" staff, the overly cocky cool teacher and the overly privileged snowflakes of the student body, you get the perfect storm of modern day New Jersey Public School clusterf---! Congratulations Cherry Hill.

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