If you're going to be hungry or need to use the bathroom on the New Jersey Turnpike, do it at Molly Pitcher Rest Stop located Southbound at mile marker 72. It's been ranked the best rest stop in New Jersey according to eater.com which ranked them all.

The Molly Pitcher is followed by:

2. Woodrow Wilson, northbound, mile marker 58

3 Grover Cleveland, northbound, mile marker 92

4 James Fennimore Cooper, northbound, mile marker 39

5. Walt Whitman, northbound, mile marker 31

6. Vince Lombardi, both directions, mile marker 116

7. Clara Barton, southbound, mile marker 6

8 Richard Stockton, southbound, mile marker 59

9.Thomas Edison, southbound, mile marker 93

10. John Fenwick, northbound, mile marker 6

11. Joyce Kilmer, northbound, mile marker 78

12. Alexander Hamilton, southbound, mile marker 112

For equal time sake, we also had the "Donald Dump" rest area. Among the top vote-getters, former Gov. Jim McGreevey, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, The Jersey Devil and and Big Joe Henry.      

We also had a vote for the late Autumn Pasquale in honor of her memory, and of course, how can you talk Jersey rest stops and not include 'Jersey' Joe Piscopo?

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