If you’re a protester against police or if you’re just upset over the death of George Floyd, coronavirus skips over you and you’re safe. If you’re a supporter of the president and want to attend a rally, look out, you are at high risk of infection. If you’re the governor and you want to protest the cops and virtue signal about racial equality, then you are protected from the disease as well. But if you’re a high school football player, you’re out of luck.

The disease could claim your life. The most vulnerable to COVID are small business owners. Any small business owner, especially gyms and restaurants, could be killed just by allowing customers inside the establishment. The mantra of the radical Left has always been “if we can save just one life” and “think of the children.” These slogans have been used to usurp civil liberties and control behavior for decades. The problem is, aside from the absurdity of acting as if so-called “safety” trumps your constitutional liberty, is the inconsistency.

The NJEA can defy the governor's order to go back to the classroom by simply having teachers refuse to work. What does he do? He caves and they get their way. This despite the FACT that kids are simply not in danger of being sick let alone die from coronavirus. Only three dozen kids under the age of 15 passed in the US, among more than 150,000 reported deaths. In Sweden where schools remained opened throughout the pandemic? Only one child lost.

The bureaucrats and the union reps are using a virus that won’t hurt most people as an excuse to stay home and get paid. Your taxes will go up. The NJ debt will balloon. Your child will potentially fall victim to the real life risks associated with a lack of social interaction and face-to-face learning. The cowards and panickers in the teachers union and state government are acting as if the only risk your child faces is COVID.

We know that the dangers facing kids are real: substance abuse, suicide, lack of opportunity resulting in an endless cycle of poverty. All very real and growing in the Garden State. The kids suffer while the adults run around like chicken little screaming about safety and PPE. It’s not only insincere, it’s dangerous.

Why has no one in Trenton stood up to these bullies and punched back? Gyms, restaurants and schools opening across the country. In NJ, we are being held captive by incompetent and dangerous people. Will you fight back or just pack up and head out?

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