I know...it sounds crazy!

But one has to ask anyway.

According to a report on our home page, Gov. Christie is ordering flags to be flown at half staff on public buildings in NJ on the day of her funeral

Cultural icon, proud New Jersey native, all that!

My vote is NO!

Despite her very public battles with drugs and alcohol, she was simply an ENTERTAINER!

I remember when Governor Christie proclaimed lowering the flags in commemorating the passing of Clarence Clemons, I thought the same thing.

In my humble view, lowering the flag is not something we do for entertainers...but for those who've performed some remarkable service to the state and country.

To lower the flag for everyone of any repute from this state waters down the meaning of lowering the flag in the first place!

Should we not do the same for Lance Cpl. Osbrany Montes De Oca of North Arlington, who died Friday in Helmand Province, Afghanistan?

Will we confer the same upon "the Situation" when his time comes?

One wonders.

So again, please take the poll, and feel free to add your comments!