Every year on this holiday, I take some time to speak out on behalf of the legacy of a strong, thoughtful revolutionary man who helped change the course of history for the better. Dr. King is honored for his contribution not just to the black community, but to America as a whole. Showing how non-violent protests against group-think and the status quo can be is one of the most powerful ways to enact change.

One of the things that I have said over the past few months is that the problems in New Jersey does not begin with the government as much as it begins and is perpetuated with the people who empower the government. Voters. Sadly, it seems most of this is confined to the northeast, especially NJ.

When you travel to many other states, people tend to be friendlier and embrace the normalcy of unmasking and ignoring the CDC distance guidelines. People crowded restaurants and bars over the NYE holiday in Florida, Texas and a host of other states who are already back in business. Are those governors better than our? Yes, and no. Better because they are starting to recognize the junk science and non-existent evidence about masks especially, but really all they are doing is reflecting the will of the people.

When people decide that we need to live in a world full of dangers, like diseases which may kill you if you're compromised, then acceptance of our humanity kicks in and we can get back to normal. Sadly the "will of the people" in New Jersey is that many seem quite comfortable with high taxes, mask mandates, remote schools, limited social engagement, isolated kids and unemployed working class people.

If you are an outlier and a critical thinker who pushes back, you are most likely shamed and screamed at in public. If you have a health issue and dare to follow the written exemptions in the governor(s) order about masks as an example, you're most likely to be bullied by other customers and then illegally discriminated against by the store management. Mark my word business owners, the trial attorneys are paying attention and waiting to strike.

Businesses in NJ would be served well to look at the legacy of Dr. King and push back peacefully. Since the governor's order allows for exceptions to the mask rule, business owners should post the written order highlighting the exceptions. Then remind patrons if you are uncomfortable, take it up with the governor.

Right now, we have lost our way. People are viewed as sick and dangerous, despite being healthy and posing zero danger to their fellow shoppers. Sadly, the vitriol that was reserved for the cowards on social media has crept out into normal conversation. Mainly because people in NJ are cowering behind government mandates based on zero science and evidence telling people to fear one another. We are falling back into a time that predated Dr. King's strength that helped guide the nation to the next level of liberty for all.

People get mad when I draw the line in the sand on masks. But the reason is simple. It is the one thing that symbolizes our failure to think for ourselves. It's the one thing that is a visual reminder that we have traded our normal human interaction for government mandates that we are told will keep us safe. Masks are a dehumanizing tool that quickly allow the thought-police to dress down resistors in loud and sometimes violent confrontations, all backed up by those in charge.

This is a time to stand up. Fight back. and earn the freedom that so many before us fought for even at a cost of their own lives and livelihoods. Freedom cannot be granted by the government. Liberty and prosperity cannot be distributed through government policy. The ideals of equality under the law are quickly eroding as Trump supporters are being lumped in with rioters and white supremacists. The ideals of equality and liberty are being eroded as the government has successfully pitted us against each other. All in the name of false science justifying lockdowns and other draconian measures which have only served to empower the elites who run big corporations and our government. We're now being told COVID will be a worse killer than WWII? That is total garbage. With the numbers padded by heart attack deaths and people who die from natural causes, but tested positive within 30 days of death, how can anyone trust these numbers? You can't and you shouldn't.

The death counts have spiked based on a desire for hospitals and the government to collect big payouts and to keep you scared. Many Americans have sacrificed their reason, liberty and independence at the altar of safety. Imagine so many people simply giving up so quickly, it's sad and it's a slap in the face to so many who came before us.

Take a minute today and read a great article about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and think about how far we have gone away from the ideals of fighting for freedom and equality.

Here's an important pull quote:

The Montgomery Bus Boycott, triggered by Rosa Parks' refusal to abide by local segregation laws, sparked King's rise from ministering a small church in Montgomery to national renown. King's primary aim was not to change laws, but to change people, to make neighbors of enemies and a nation out of divided races. King led with love, not racial hatred. From a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, his message inspired the nation. And his message and achievements inspire us today.

Dr. King believed in the principles of the American Founding. He maintained, "We will reach the goal of freedom in Birmingham and all over the nation, because the goal of America is freedom." - Carolyn Garris from heritage.org

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