Today's the day we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King whose famous "I have a dream" speech changed the course of civil rights in America. With a new governor coming into New Jersey, many people are having dreams of change in the Garden State. Here are some of the responses I got when I asked "What's your dream for New Jersey?"

  • Missy Alexander — Legalize marijuana, and tax it to build up the coffers! 
  • Christopher John Finocchiaro — Cut homeowners tax.
  • Misty McBride — To stop living the nightmare of living here.
  • John Kensil — No horseflies and lower the taxes.
  • Michael Conicelli — Lower Real Estate Taxes.
  • Teddy Maturo — Lower cost of living, and we all need to chill a bit!
  • Richard Adams — SMOKE-FREE ATLANTIC CITY, Corrupt Politicians going to jail, Lowering Property taxes through a different way to fund the CORRUPT SCHOOL SYSTEMS!!!! Just to name a few! O' how about MORE SOLAR, MORE WIND and OIL EXPLORATION at the Southern point of NJ, because the Ocean Current flows south. Any Oil leaks will flow to Delaware!
  • Butch Budai — An Electoral college so that Republicans can win once in a while.
  • Gino Formaroli — A Republican Majority, No Tolls, and a one way ticket to California for anyone who thinks Legalized pot is a good idea. And minimum sentences of 50 years no parole, for first time drug dealers.
  • Keith Vena — Lower property taxes and better service into NYC from NJ Transit.
  • Constantine Polites — To never stop dreaming!

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