There's no "P" in E-A-G-L-E-S and it's not going to be easy to pee at the parade. Many of those chanting the cheer may be holding it in while doing so. With over 3 million Eagles fan expecting to attend, organizers say they will have 850 portable toilets set up, many along the Ben Franklin Parkway for parade goers. Based on two million, that's an estimated one toilet for every 2,352 people! You think you have it bad waiting for your family to use the bathroom! By the way, Lincoln Financial Field where the Eagles play has one toilet for every 58 people according to the team.

Add to that the fact that Bud Light will be giving out free beer, there's going to be an even stronger need to find a facility. Not sure if the local bars pouring the Bud will let those drinking for free use their restroom. One possible solution I'm thinking would be to sell adult diapers with the Eagles logo. Of course, the horses will have no problem.

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