Tired of working out at home? I know plenty of New Jerseyans are. While there is nothing better than breaking your daily sweat, it is becoming hard for people to stare at the same wall for the same hour every single day. Luckily, there are several NJ gyms offering outdoor classes and space to workout and get some fresh air.

Crunch Midland Park
Love Cycling or HIIT workouts? Check out Crunch Midland Park. They offer a variety of outdoor weekly classes and are ready for you to come outside and sweat. Space is limited for these classes, as the opportunity to workout alongside your friends is uncommon so be sure to plan your visit ahead!

Underground Training Tenafly
Underground Training is unique in that you can experience the same workout in a number of places. Whether it’s in the studio or your front yard, Underground is ready to give you the tough workout you are in search of. They offer a number of different programs, as they want the workout to feel personal and customized. They also have brand new state of the art equipment, which has attracted many people wanting to get into weight lifting or resistance training.

The Bar Method Ridgewood
For those of you who have been missing your daily barre classes, you must sign up for a class at The Bar Method. They have a range of classes depending on how familiar you are with barre, however, each class works the same way. There is first a warm-up, then upper-body exercises, then leg and seat work at the barre and finally core exercises on the floor. This is a great way to get a full body workout in a place that is not the confinement of your living room.

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