Do you know that phrase Jersey Strong? You heard it often after Hurricane Sandy, or Superstorm Sandy, or whatever you prefer.

And in a place like New Jersey you do need to be strong. We are unfairly the butt of a million national jokes, described as the armpit of America. We’ve struggled for our own identity often lost in the shadows of Philadelphia and New York (that’s where New Jersey 101.5 came in).

And you certainly have to be strong to deal with the taxes, the cost of damn near everything here not to mention the highest property taxes in the United States. Nothing here is easy.

Now making everything worse under Bidenflation if you want to call it that, gas prices have become absurd. I passed a Costco yesterday, known for being able to fuel you up for a couple pennies cheaper, and the lines looked like what my father must have dealt with in the 1970s.

But just how bad are things here in New Jersey compared to the rest of the country? I found out. As of the day I’m writing this, the average gas price in New Jersey is $4.33 for a gallon of regular.

Compare this to California which stands today at $5.74 per gallon and you already see that at least we’re not the worst.

None of this is to say this is okay. It’s outrageous what we’re paying. But comparing all states, New Jersey ranks 18th most expensive. Our neighbors Pennsylvania and New York are paying $4.42 and $4.45 respectively. Kansas has the lowest average gas price today at $3.82. Still far too high of course.

So there’s really no escaping this anywhere in the country you go, but if you’d like to see where all 50 states rank here’s the list.

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