There is a line somewhere in central New Jersey that is never crossed. It's the dividing line that separates the Eagles fans from the Giants fans. As a Giants fan, when I worked full time in Philadelphia, I wanted to move as far south as I could without losing the Giants as my local television team. That's why I live where I live now. Of course now you can live anywhere and follow your team.

The general consensus I received when I asked you was Route 195 with North being Giants fans and South being Eagles fans. Many use Trenton as the dividing line as well as exit 7a. My favorite from Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network "Fluffy’s dog bowl."

Here are some others...

  • Gino Formaroli — We actually figured this out during the 2009 World Series, VIIA GOOGLE EARTH. We used Brosd and Pattison And Times Square (Since NY Has Various Stadium Locations). The Result is Basically a Line NW to SE From Easton PA To Lavallette NJ. I Put the Google link on here, not sure if it will show line. However The Midpoint on a straight line, Is Just off Of Rt 1 and College Rd West, Near Forrestall Center. Let them give you opinions, i am giving you the Sheldon Cooper Answer.
  • Eric Scott — On the thin divide of a troubled mind.
  • Franke Previte — Princeton.
  • Bob Palio — Any area above Princeton NJ is Giants / Jets, Lambertville / Trenton South Jersey (Cherry Hill to AC) should be Eagles fans.
  • Jim McClure — Four wins.
  • Dennis Szymanski — Interstate 195. Have first hand experience with this from my brief interview on ESPN in 2008.
  • Theo R. Williams — The Bordentown Chickies and Pete's displays Eagles and Giants helmets. Its settled. Its Bordentown.
  • Brendan McShane — Creamer The individual's heart.

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