Yeah, that's a gross thought. One woman claimed that's what happened to her after buying a breakfast sandwich from a Lakewood Dunkin' Donuts on Route 88.

Of course immediately upon discovering her sandwich was covered in flies and maggots, she realized that her toddler had already consumed another breakfast sandwich. She contacted the store, police and the Ocean County health department. She then did what all Millennials seem to have to do, posted pics to social media.

First of all, how does it help anyone with her posting pics to social media? It will only drive people away from a store that may in fact not be to blame. How do we know that sandwich was that way when she got it? Is it possible this was a social media stunt?

I asked these very legitimate questions on the air Monday and got an angry call from the young woman's mother. She didn't like how I was portraying her daughter. She wouldn't join me on-air to discuss, but I addressed her concerns. I was only asking questions.

Before you go out of your way to flame a restaurant on social media, which could be devastating (did you think twice this am before ordering that breakfast sandwich today?), maybe let your complaint go through the proper channels. And why the police? The Lakewood PD certainly have better things to do that investigate a fly sandwich. The health department is appropriate to make sure the restaurant is up to safety and sanitary codes. Good call.

Make sure the restaurant does right by you if you've been served something that disgusting. But the immediate move to social media calls into question, for me anyway, whether or not we're getting the entire story.

It's a good thing to ask questions and take nothing for granted in today's social media addicted world. Oh, and the title honestly was a trick question. Pro Tip: No amount of mayo, mustard or ketchup is gonna cover up maggots.

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