If you could have any piece of Sopranos memorabilia, what would you want? Now that it's being auctioned off, I asked Federico Castelluccio, who played "Furio Giunta" on the show. You may remember Furio getting close to Tony's wife, Carmela, played by Edie Falco.

"It was an HBO party and I saw Edie from a distance. She waves at me and says, 'Federico, next season it's me and you.' I'm like, 'Oh my God. I don't know if that's good!'"

Castelluccio says he was able to buy one of his blood-stained coats and the casting chair with his last name on it. When I asked him what he would like, if he could have anything he wanted from the show, he replied "Tony's Escalade!"

Castelluccio also shares the same last name as Frankie Valli, and he caught up with the guy who helped Frankie legally change his last name.

"I was at the Palms restaurant years ago in Los Angeles and I excused myself from dinner, I had to go to the restroom," Castelluccio said. "There's an older guy talking on his cell phone and he goes 'hey I'm the guy who changed Frankie Valli's name.' He hands me the cell phone and it's Frankie Valli."

Long story longer, Castelluccio and Valli found out they were from the same part of Italy - maybe they're cousins!

What came as a surprise to me was when Castelluccio told me that he originally auditioned for Johnny Sacks.

"I auditioned the first year for a character I told my agent that I wasn't right for," Castelluccio said. "They said that they see my picture and they wanted me to read for this. It was the role of Johnny Sacks and I was totally wrong for it."

Castelluccio recently starred in The Brooklyn Banker and Toy Gun. 

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