For about 10 minutes today, the midday show's producer Kylie Moore decided to change her hairstyle. It was a curious move. She risked derision and respect (I wonder if the boss saw this?) to look like a conehead. She really freaked newsman Joe Cutter out, who didn't see how she did this and was baffled by the outcome.

Joe Votruba photo

It looks like something out of The Hunger Games, perhaps a welfare version of Effie Trinket. Or it looks like a birth defect. Hmmm, or possibly Heat Miser from Year Without A Santa Claus. It's hard to pin it down.

So how did she do it? What exactly is inside that hideous B-52's epic hairdo? I'll give you a hint.

It's something you might find at work, it's something you might find at home, it something you might find at certain stores, but not to all that you roam.

Give up? Tune it at 5:10 Friday to discover what's lurking in there.

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