If you live in my area, you drive by all the time and wonder: When are they finally going to do something with the acres and acres of land that used to be army base Fort Monmouth?

It's so sad to drive by and see it abandoned and dilapidated, especially if you remember when it used to be a bustling, thriving part of Monmouth County's heart and soul.
I've heard so many rumors over the years--they're going to reopen, it going to be a school, a park etc. Here's the final word. Well, two words actually:

Freedom Pointe.

Freedom Pointe will be a new residential and retail center (two-thirds of the property will be retail and the other third will be residential). It'll have 302 townhomes and a huge shopping center.

The developer says Freedom Pointe will not be a "traditional shopping center" and that it will be an experience for customers. He says there are already commercial tenants on board for the property, but would not specifically say which stores will be there.

And if that's not enough, it'll also boast an ice skating rink, open lawn areas for shows, concerts, exercise classes, seasonal community and holiday events including a Christmas tree lighting. But wait! There's more!

Freedom Pointe's visitors will also enjoy jogging and bike trails, a high-end playground, a couple parks including a spray park for kids, miniature golf, pop jets, bocce, street performers, and movie nights in the summer.

Look for demolition of the old structures on the property to begin by the end of 2017 and if everything goes according to plan, Freedom Pointe should be open for business with work ending in the spring of 2019.

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